Testimonials from project partners

“As the WAVES coordinator, our benefits have been huge. WAVES has given us a more standard way to use, share and implement SBL, which has directly been used in our medicine curriculum. The MOOC has allowed the team to develop and structure our training to the needs of the users. Through the growing WAVES network, we now have an expanding community of users, and access to a wide range of project funding opportunities.” – Terry Poulton and Sheetal Kavia

“WAVES has given me through its network, workshops and MOOCs an inspiring possibility to exchange ideas with people from novice to expert engaged in learning and teaching using virtual scenarios. I’m sure we will often come back to the outcomes of this project in future.” – Andrezj  Kononowicz

“As an educational designer, one of the most interesting points of my involvement with the project was the power of technical simplicity and educational collaboration. WAVES demonstrated to me that Technology Enhanced Learning is not about the next cool gadget, or technology but about the people who educate and learn with them.” -  Panagiotis Antoniou

“We have managed to expand our expertise in the Medical Education domain and build technical leadership as well as sustain existing on-going work in VPs which was revitalised in WAVES. The spirit and atmosphere of the multiplier events was unique! And this I enjoyed the most about the project.”  – Panagiotis Bamidis

“Working with other experts in the field, was a really unique experience!” – Dimitris Spachos

“During the WAVES project we had the great opportunity to network with people interested in virtual scenarios either face 2 face for example in workshops but also online for example in a MOOC. The feedback and ideas shared will for sure create collaborations and new projects moving the idea of learning on virtual scenarios forward in the future.” – Martin Adler

“Working on the WAVES knowledge alliance project was for me both pleasure and challenge. I enjoyed cooperation with all WAVES partners and people who had worked hard and effectively on making SBL/VS more accessible. The project has brought indisputable benefits for our institution (Masaryk University) and for me personally as well.” – Daniel Schwarz

“The project had an aim of promoting the use of virtual scenarios and scenario-based learning for learning and teaching and at Karolinska Institutet we have had the opportunity to contribute concretely to such development in several contexts such as dentistry, nursing and complex trauma care. It has also been rewarding to take part in the development and delivery of the MOOC about Using Virtual Scenarios to Create Effective Learning. The WAVES project has produced useful resources and we have made valuable connections for continued development and research in the area.” – Klas Karlgren and Natalia Stathakarou

25. 3. 2019