“We are our Choices” Learning Decision-Making through scenarios – new video added

This meeting brought together 4 EC-funded medical education programmes in various stages of development or completion, ePBLnet, CROESUS, WAVES and TAME, all of which had been involved in the development of interactive virtual patient scenarios for teaching and learning.

These authentic scenarios are used for acquisition of knowledge, assessment, the development of decision making and clinical management, and for training against medical error. This joint meeting of programmes brought together a large network of institutions and businesses across Europe and Asia, focused on the provision of authentic immersive learning experiences for those training in professional competency. The key notes on the day were given by David Topps, and Sophie Vaughan.  Other presentations were given on the project specific findings and the day ended with a panel discussion. For more information about this event please click here.

17. 2. 2017