MedBiquitous Annual Conference

The annual Medbiquitous conference was held in John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland during 5–6 June. The conference provided an opportunity to network with colleagues and to learn from the international leaders.

A number of the WAVES partners and associate partners attended this conference to present on the WAVES project and take part in the WAVES learning experience working group meeting which discussed the technical profiles of virtual scenarios and how this fitted in with different types of profiles and variations of virtual scenarios such as virtual patients and virtual world scenarios. The working group consisted of WAVES partners who attended the conference, associate partners who were also attending the conference and other conference attendees interested in the subject.

Luke Woodham from SGUL gave a speedy standard story presentation during the plenary session of the conference on “Integrating virtual scenarios using standards: experience of the WAVES project”. The presentation can be seen here:

Sheetal Kavia from SGUL gave a presentation during the conference titled, “WAVES: A needs analysis of Scenario-based Learning and MOOCS”.  The presentation can be seen here:

Andrzej Kononowicz gave a presentation on behalf of Arash Hadadgar (an associate partner of the project) on “validity of self-assessment using electronic clinical cases in continuing medical education”. The presentation can be seen here:

David Topps from University of Calgary one of the WAVES associate partners and the lead developer of the open source virtual scenario authoring system OpenLabyrinth, also presented a speedy standard story on, “A sad story with two standards”. The presentation can be viewed here:

There was also a presentation from on the WAVES network projects – TAME, which was given by Trupti Jivram during the speedy standards story plenary session. The presentation was titled “Training against medical error using virtual patients”. The presentation can be seen here:

9. 6. 2017