WAVES – project research outputs

WAVES is well into the second of year of the project and there have been a number of outputs published to share with the community as a result of the needs analysis which was carried out during the early start-up phase of the project.

WAVES – Technical Spec for VS enhancements available

The Technical Specification for Virtual Scenario (VS) enhancements has been developed, based upon the needs analysis carried out at the beginning of the WAVES project. The spec highlights improvements and requirements for integration with learning platforms. View a summary of the specification here.

Download PDF file

WAVES – End-User Specification available

An End-User specification was created based upon the data of the needs analysis feedback. The specification identifies the target end users for the project and their usability and functional requirements. This spec will feed into the developments of the technical and knowledge toolkit produced by the project.

Download PDF file

WAVES – Technical Toolkit Development Plan available

The WAVES consortium has created a development plan for the developments which will form part of the technical toolkit. The toolkit will be shared to make these developments freely available and to widen the use of Virtual Scenarios.

Download PDF file

Next steps

Development of the knowledge toolkit
The WAVES consortium is currently working on the creation of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with the platform Future Learn. The MOOC will provide information, tools, tips and guidelines on how to create your own Virtual Scenarios. The MOOC is planned to be launched Spring 2018.

25. 8. 2017