An Introduction to WAVES – Green Park, Reading UK

Bayer Green Park, Reading UK – On 2 May 2017 Bayer representatives Chara Balasubramaniam, Stephen Taylor and Lindsay Germain held a presentation for 50 employees based within the IT department.

This presentation covered the AIMS and objectives of the WAVES project, the results of the needs analysis and the progress currently taking place on the “how to” create a VS MOOC. The presentation was successful in raising awareness of Bayer’s involvement in the WAVES project and the project’s impetus around the evolution of learning and training. During the session, the IT department expressed an interest in using SBL for training employees across the business on topics critical to IT such as information security. This will be a great addition to the SBL training modules already implemented at Bayer since the start of the project, which focus on teaching employees how to respond to specific situations at work, for example if they find themselves in a situation which could result in a conflict of interest. Attendees on the day were also interested in the popularity and benefits of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) within the corporate sector as well as discussing the similarities between high fidelity virtual scenarios and gamification.

5. 5. 2017