Informal Learning @ Work Knowledge Exchange

The Learning Layers project invited members of SGUL to attend their event to disseminate their work on the project. The morning we were able to see the different learning layers tools in a world café type format and get hands on with each of them. Some of the tools were still in developmental form and others were completed and implemented within the curriculum. The tools were being disseminated to show how they can be used within healthcare and higher education.

In the afternoon Sheetal Kavia was able to share the work being done in the WAVES project with the group to network and explore ways that the projects and organisations can work together. This was an informal learning event where others were also able to give short presentations on their own tools, projects and ideas.

The event was organised to share the Learning toolbox which was available to download in the App store and Google Play store. Each tool within the toolbox was created by separate partner of the project. More information on the project can be found here:

There was a lot of interest with the virtual scenario authoring concept which they felt could work to have some of their tools to integrate with within one scenario.

20. 9. 2017