Online Educa, Berlin

Chara Balasubramaniam, Lindsay Germain of Bayer Plc, and Sheetal Kavia, Terry Poulton of St George’s, University of London, led a workshop titled “Creating impactful learning: Learning through scenarios” at Online Educa Berlin on the 8th of December 2017. The workshop, categorised as a BusinessEduca session, was fully subscribed on the day with 40 learning and development professionals attending the session predominantly from business but also academia.

The workshop commenced with an introduction to the WAVES project, the partners involved and its objectives. A discussion then took place around the definition of SBL before the participants were divided into groups to explore four different examples of SBL– two from Bayer one from academia using the CASUS system and one from St George’s University of London using the OpenLabyrinth system. After seeing first-hand the capability of SBL, Sheetal Kavia proceeded to walk the participants through creating a Virtual Scenario using the open source authoring software OpenLabyrinth. The participants then got into groups of 2-3 to collaboratively start their first Virtual Scenario.

The workshop closed with a conversation around how Bayer and SGUL implement SBL within their training and learning curriculums. After the session ended participants took the opportunity to speak to the facilitators, ask questions and sign up to the WAVES network.

Participants valued the session with the knowledge and hands on approach to making their own Virtual Scenario. Participants provided great feedback to the session with one saying, “The session was just awesome. I loved how organised and active it was. I also appreciate learning about the tool”

As a result of the session, there have been a number of new connections and collaborations to use the WAVES outcomes in other organisations. This has resulted in an increased number of WAVES network members in the business field.  

OEB, published in their “Insides” section, the article “The WAVES project from Bayer and St George’s, University of London” co-written by Stephen Taylor, Lindsay Germain and Chara Balasubramaniam from Bayer and Sheetal Kavia and Terry Poulton from St George’s, University of London.

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