Associate partner webinar

Sheetal Kavia and Terry Poulton presented a webinar to the WAVES associate partners on 12th January 2018. The webinar covered information about the forth coming MOOC which will be delivered during Spring 2018.

The webinar covered information about the project, and more specifically about the WAVES MOOC deliverable. Terry Poulton gave a review of what a MOOC is and the specific platform we will be using for our MOOC called FutureLearn.

Sheetal presented the structure and format of the FutureLearn platform show casing the different types of learning steps and organisation of the MOOC course. The partners got an overview of the different weeks and steps within each week and then they were invited to provide feedback to shape the MOOC further.

General comments about expected involvement from mentors and learners were discussed, along with a decision to open the MOOC to teacher, learners and technical experts. All partners agree the steps within the MOOC were understandable and relevant for the course.

We are working hard on the MOOC and welcome everyone to enrol and sign up and join our MOOC very soon. The release date and links will be provided on the website very soon.

4. 2. 2018