OTTAWA and ICME Conference 2018

This year’s Ottawa conference took place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates alongside the International Conference on Medical Education (ICME). The OTTAWA conference takes place every two years in various locations and is focused around assessment within medicine and healthcare. Each conference is associated with another and this year the collaboration was with ICME which focuses on the reform of medical education, using international standards and applying these in developing countries.

As part of this year’s conference the team from St George’s, University of London delivered a workshop called “WAVES: Interactive teaching and training with the use of Virtual Scenarios.” This workshop was delivered by Terry Poulton, Sheetal Kavia and Trupti Jivram, all of whom have worked on a number of projects associated with the use and delivery of Virtual Scenarios within the medical and healthcare curriculum.

During the workshop participants were introduced to Scenario-Based Learning and Virtual Scenarios and how the WAVES project can provide guidance to implement Virtual Scenarios in their own organisations. The workshop provided a hands on experience where after playing a scenario as a group the participants got a taster of how to use a Virtual Scenario authoring system to create their own in groups.

A participant reported, “Lab definitely needs this amazing tool to enhance not only our clinical skills but also our core skills. Its transformational learning.”

Participants left the workshop with tips on authoring Virtual Scenarios for different learning activities and were finally introduced to the upcoming MOOC.

16. 4. 2018