WAVES project meeting

The WAVES project partners had their face to face meeting in Munich during April 2018. This is part of their commitment to the project to meet twice a year to discuss and make decisions on the WAVES project.

Partners came together to share the outcomes of completed deliverables and workpackages. Each presented by the lead of the given task. All other deliverables in progress were also presented by the lead partners to share planed actions, work already done and raised questions for a collaborative decision amongst the consortium. Partners were able to discuss actions for the final work to disseminate the project and also the sustainability action plan. In particular we discussed the results of activities which will better inform our sustainability plans with evidence.

As part of the non-technical knowledge toolkit the partners discussed the release of the upcoming MOOC and how the partners would facilitate and the stats we would receive from the platform at the end of the course run. The partners also discussed feedback from a workshop carried out by Bayer and the MOOC platform providers to make changes to the course.

Partners also addressed the steps which they would need to take to ensure the new law changes with the EU about data protection were taken seriously and handled for the future of the WAVES project.

Partners plan to meet again for the final time during the project in October alongside the same time as the dissemination event being held in London.

5. 6. 2018