ATD Workshop 2018

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference is an event aimed at talent development professionals who are passionate about ensuring that their workforce is prepared to face the demands of the ever-changing business environments. It is the largest events for talent development professionals worldwide, with over 10,000 participants, 400 speakers, 300 education sessions and 400 exhibitors.

This year there was a record breaking 13,000 attendees from over 90 countries and one of the keynote presentations were delivered by President Barack Obama.

During the ATD 2018 conference the WAVES project were able to deliver an interactive workshop about Scenario-Based Learning for Capability Development. Both Bayer and SGUL delivered the workshop to over 100 participants. The session helped people to understand the importance of scenario-based learning and also the benefits of them, by looking at different styles and decision making cognitive behaviours. Participants were given examples of two different types of scenarios, one from business and the other from higher education.

The interactive session gave participants an opportunity to start planning their own scenario of a typical situation they face in their organisation by following simple instructions. The session also allowed participants to engage in a discussion around SBL and ask questions. Participants were invited to join the WAVES network and asked what they expected to get out of such a network and the top responses were “Ideas”, “Tips”, “Examples”, “Best Practices” and “Templates”.  Participants were also asked how the network would benefit them and their organisation, the top responses again where “Ideas” and “Best Practice” but also “Engagement”, “Feedback”, “Relevance”, “Professional Development” and “Community Growth”. See the word clouds of these questions in the images below.

A participant feedback “Great content and examples! Felt like I had lots of ideas for how to implement this with my team”.

See the session details and presentation slides of this session through the ATD website here.

8. 6. 2018