TAME project meeting

The last Training Against Medical Error (TAME) project meeting was held within the Hue City of Vietnam. This is a project which is part of the WAVES network and is using Virtual Scenarios – specifically virtual patient cases within the clinical curriculum to train medics against making medical errors in the work place.

The partners involved in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Vietnam have been provided with a set of scenario from St George’s, University of London to use in their own curriculum after adapting to the local culture and healthcare. The partners were then trained to create their own specific error cases.

During the meeting members of the WAVES team were able to present and disseminate the MOOC designed to provide the knowledge, tips ad tools to create their own virtual scenarios. The MOOC was well received with many signing up to the MOOC during the meeting. This also led to their interest in the “we are our choices” October event where partners of the TAME project felt this was a great opportunity to network and collaborate with others using virtual scenarios.

More information about the meeting can be found on the TAME website here.

6. 6. 2018