3rd International Conference on Medical Education Informatics

The WAVES group supported, exhibited and presented at the 3rd International Conference on Medical Education Informatics, which was held this year at Institute of Medical Education, Leeds, UK, from 6-7th September 2018. The conference was jointly organised by the Leeds Institute of Medical Education and the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

MEI brought together researchers and practitioners from several multi-disciplinary areas of Medical/Health Education centred around technology enhanced learning, open education technologies and Artificial Intelligence, and provides them with a forum for presentation and discussion of their research activities. The main theme for this year was technology-led patient engagement, empowerment and education.

WAVES was particularly well represented, and in the specific WAVES presentation it picked up the theme of Patient Safety; describing how technology enhanced scenarios could be used to enhance student competency and safety in clinical situations. WAVES was taking Scenario Based learning ‘out-of-the-box’, to make SBL more accessible to learners and teachers. The presentation described the resource which WAVES was making freely available on its website, as a Knowledge and Technical toolkit with guidelines, exemplars, tips, tools, methods and technical tools and codes.

Following its first successful run, the important role of the new WAVES MOOC ‘Using Virtual Scenarios to Create Effective Learning’ was considered, as a freely available training site for SBL. 

Lastly delegates were invited to register for the free 2nd Biennial WAVES conference October 24th ‘We Are Our Choices: Learning to Make Good Decisions.’ which had an excellent programme of keynote speakers, project and research presentations, and workshop settings.

9. 10. 2018