Stream from the MedBiquitous Virtual Patient Standards webinar

If you missed the webinar on MedBiquitous Virtual Patient Standards held on 9th December,  you can now stream the session by clicking the link.

The discussion, given by Luke Woodham from St George’s University of London and Johmarx Patton from MedBiquitous,  explored virtual scenarios and the use of technology standards in education, along with a roadmap for the next several years of MedBiquitous.

MedBiquitous is a long standing community of health professions educators and technology innovators, developing and disseminating a collection of free, open health profession education data standards and technology guidelines. MedBiquitous’ role in providing a common language and technical infrastructure for sharing data within and across the health professions.

To find out about Medbiquitous’s examination of the future in the role of data standards in medical education, stream now.

10. 2. 2020