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WAVES meeting in MEFANET, Brno

The 4th WAVES face-to-face meeting took place on 27th and 28th November 2017 in Brno, Czech Republic. The project meeting was followed by the 11th MEFANET conference where the WAVES project delivered a workshop and a Key Note presentation focused on Scenario Based Learning and WAVES outcomes.

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AMEE Conference 2017

The Association for Medical Education in Europe organized their annual AMEE Conference which took place in Helsinki from 26th to 30th August. This conference brings together professionals and students interested in Medical Education and gives participants a great opportunity to discuss and explore the innovations and exciting research in this fields.

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Education day at St George’s, University of London

The Education day is an annual event which takes place at St George’s University for academics and students. The theme this year was 'Excellence in higher education.' This is an opportunity for teachers and students to share ideas and best practice, talk about the way our subjects are taught and the teaching methods used, and explore the ways we teach and learn healthcare science subjects.

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Informal Learning @ Work Knowledge Exchange

The Learning Layers project invited members of SGUL to attend their event to disseminate their work on the project. The morning we were able to see the different learning layers tools in a world café type format and get hands on with each of them. Some of the tools were still in developmental form and others were completed and implemented within the curriculum. The tools were being disseminated to show how they can be used within healthcare and higher education.

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WAVES – project research outputs

WAVES is well into the second of year of the project and there have been a number of outputs published to share with the community as a result of the needs analysis which was carried out during the early start-up phase of the project.

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Virtual University conference

The Virtual University conference organized by Warsaw University of Technology took place last June 2016 with the main theme “Education in the Age of Information and Internet”. The WAVES project was presented by Andrzej Kononowicz with an oral communication entitled “The WAVES project – is scenario-based e-learning easy enough?”.  The presentation introduced the concept of virtual scenarios and emphasised the wide spectrum of disciplines where the concept of scenario-based learning can be applied.

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WAVES project meeting and IEEE CBMS 2017

The last WAVES project meeting took place in Thessaloniki, in June 2017. This meeting brought together the 6 Project Partners (St George’s, University of London, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Karolinska Institutet, Masaryk University, Instruct and Bayer) to discuss and plan the implementation of the project outputs.

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7th University Business Forum, Brussels

As representatives of the WAVES project, partners from both St George’s, University of London and Bayer Plc participated in the 7th University Business Forum (6–7 April 2017) in Brussels.

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IEEE CBMS 2017 and WAVES meeting

The next WAVES project meeting will take place in Thessaloniki, in June 2017. This meeting will bring together the 6 Project Partners to discuss and plan implementation of the project outputs.

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The 11th year of the traditional MEFANET (MEdical Faculties NETwork) conference gave floor to one keynote speaker from the WAVES consortium (Inga Hege: Learning clinical reasoning in virtual environments) and a workshop organized by the WAVES partners, entitled: Integration of low- and hi-fidelity simulations to maximize the pedagogical value of educational medical simulation centers.

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The 10th year of the traditional MEFANET conference was held on 29–30 November 2016 in Hotel Continental, Brno (Czech Republic). In the keynote lecture session, the floor was given to two invited speakers from abroad.

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