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MedBiquitous Virtual Patient Standards Webinar

Join us on 9th December at 13.00 GMT, 14.00 CET, for an hour long webinar on virtual scenarios and the use of technology standards in education. Speaking in the webinar will be Dr Johmarx Patton, Director of Educational Technologies and Standards at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), who leads the MedBiquitous consortium. MedBiquitous develops and promotes technology standards in the health professions that advance lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and better patient outcomes.

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WAVES Toolkit Webinar

Whether you’re new to the virtual scenario scene or a master, Sheetal Kavia, Martin Adler and David Topps were the featured speakers of the webinar held 20th September. Inspiring listeners to create a virtual scenario with a variety of tools and systems made easy.

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Masaryk University: virtual patients in a complex simulation centre and virtual scenarios in mathematical biology

Following up on the WAVES project, Masaryk University applied the valuable know-how into its emerging complex simulation centre (SIMU), where the Virtual Patient program became one of its most important subprojects. The WAVES project also led to new collaborations and hence Masaryk University is now coordinating a new strategic partnership within Erasmus+, called TELSON, which will use virtual scenarios as a resource for delivering team-based learning.

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Testimonials from project partners

“As the WAVES coordinator, our benefits have been huge. WAVES has given us a more standard way to use, share and implement SBL, which has directly been used in our medicine curriculum. The MOOC has allowed the team to develop and structure our training to the needs of the users. Through the growing WAVES network, we now have an expanding community of users, and access to a wide range of project funding opportunities.” – Terry Poulton and Sheetal Kavia

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