Expected Outcome

The project will provide the following innovations:

Simplifying access to SBL tools through technical solutions

Solutions will focus on usability and core functionality, and allow Virtual scenarios (VS) activities (e.g. VPs) to be directly embedded into user-facing delivery systems. New APIs will allow the integration of VS systems (open source e.g. OL3, and commercial e.g. CASUS) with LMS and MOOC platforms, to make VS content and feedback more immediately accessible to both tutors and learners.

A MOOC to provide SBL training to the wider community

Partners will produce easily accessible instructional SBL materials, for diverse languages and disciplines, disseminated through associates and networks. The heavily structured and reviewable format of a MOOC will ensure the content is user-friendly and easily navigable, maximising uptake for the global community. Exemplar integration mechanisms will be available. The models for the development of VS will emphasise competency training, and assessment through authentic scenarios.

“Story-telling” SBL targeting competency-based education

The wider educational community will be able to harmonise the interactive ‘story-telling’ style of the VS cases with the story-telling (but linear) approach of more pedagogically progressive MOOCS, e.g. FutureLearn.