The main objectives of the WAVES project are:

  • To develop and make accessible to the wider educational community, Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) applications, using Virtual Scenarios (VS) to promote new learning and teaching methods
    • to carry out a needs analysis including the extended partnerships, the associate partners
    • to support contextual learning, decision-making and problem based learning
    • to provide interactive SBL applications which can mimic the role of the practitioner, and are thereby designed to be used for competency training and for workplace-based learning
    • to make all products accessible through standard, open source & commercial learning and MOOC platforms
    • to deliver these applications and scenarios in the languages of the partners, associate partners, organisations and extended partnerships in the dissemination network
  • To extend massive courses, adding interactive ‘storytelling’ VS to their linear content delivery their oversimplified assessments and activities, with learning activities that are more engaging and authentic
  • Share knowledge and provide end-user support guides and training,, and “how to create Virtual Scenarios” MOOC, to reach a critical mass of learning resource creators and a large end user audience
  • Impact different professional groups and networks linked to the partners, through both direct involvements and responsibilities within those groups or networks, or through a series of engagement/dissemination events, and processes.