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CASUS GUI translation tool


What is this repository for? Minimal Translate Tool as an WEB-APP tested within a TOMCAT 8 container The tool is in version: 0.1.

Technical installation instructions

Clone this project repository bash git clone

Directory containing the property files, have to be external, please configure in WEB-XML context-param entries for: properties_path: directory properties_name: primary name of i18 properties

For Google Translation support, you'll need to keep the Google libraries ("xx-translate-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar"), otherwise delete this. Additionally you'll need a google Account resulting in a APIU key, On JAVA startup this key can be activated by a -DGOOGLE_API_KEY=<KEY> directive

Main Functionality - the file without language is the reference - keeps order of properties keys - google translate addon (account required) Contribution guidelines

End users are free to contribute through pull requests in the project repository.