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Heuristic evaluation of Open Labyrinth 3 usability 13



This report provides a detailed analysis of the heuristic evaluation process used to evaluate Open Labyrinth version 3.3 (OL). The evaluation itself was performed using the heuristic evaluation usability method, based on heuristics provided by Jakob Nielsen [1]. This method consists of evaluators comparing a pre-defined set of usability principles to an application or website while attempting to complete a system task. For this project, nine heuristics were used, focusing on the core functionalities of OL: displaying, creating and playing virtual patients (VPs). The goal of this evaluation was to identify major usability flaws within the OL interface through the application Nielsen's heuristics.

Contribution guidelines:

Users can contribute through pull requests. You can either:

  1. Improve existing usability evaluation

  2. Expand the evaluation in newer versions of OL